Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Performances E & Z

Eden and Zion had some really sweet Christmas performances this year. So fun to watch them and so fun to see how excited they are to be a part of them. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Train

Annual Christmas train with the cousins. Such a fun tradition, and crazy to see the kids age in these pics. Same place, place activities...bigger kids. /:

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mammoth December

We got to go to Mammoth in the dead of winter this year. Such an unusual trip for us - staying in a luxury hotel and doing not much more than skiing every day. I'll tell you what it spoiled us! I don't think any winter trip to Mammoth could ever be quite as good as this one was. Best company, best lodging, and free lift tickets (thanks to our friends).

View of the Gondola from the elevator lobby of our hotel.
Eden got back into the swing of snowboarding. It's kind of historical to me how much she loves this activity considering the fact that Jon and I have little experience in it. By the last day she had learned how to toe-edge. It was kind of heartbreaking to tear her away from it. 
This guy on the other hand really struggled with snowboarding. He is goofy and Jon is regular foot so I guess Jon was really struggling to help him too. He loved to charge down the mountain and he would get going pretty good, but then he would hit an edge and go somersaulting down only to sob inconsolably till he tried the whole process over again. 
Recovery Sob
THIS was the best part of the trip by far. Oh man this was a beautiful crisp winter day. The kids were having snow fights and making snow angels then jumping into the jacuzzi. It really was just the best thing ever!
Headed out into the blizzard